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T1 Services

T1 is the ideal internet connection for your small to medium business. If you rely on your network - email, web, business voice, and data connectivity, Total Choice Communications can provide you with high performance service directly from your business to the core of our fully switched network, via carrier class fiber optic connections.

If your business relies on its internet connection, you need the reliability a T1 offers. Call Total Choice Communications today and get the most cost effective T1 solution available.












Business Phone & Internet Services

Total Choice Communications Business Phone and Internet Services bring together all your communications—your business phone system and calling services, your high-speed internet connection, web hosting and email—into a single service from a single provider. Optimized for superior reliability, quality and performance, Total Choice Communications Business Phone and Internet Services provide a wide array of advanced features that deliver a measurable boost to your business productivity.













Business Phone Systems & Equipment

Small, medium, or large Business Phone Systems are critical for growing and emerging business. The telephone is still a main stay in business environments. It remains one of the easiest ways for your clients and business associates to reach the right person or to get answers to questions quickly. It’s convenient for holding conversations with vendors, customers and business team members. You want your small, medium, or large business phone system to provide easy access for anyone needing your services. You want your business phone system to handle incoming and outgoing calls, record messages and route calls to other departments or employees.

Our experienced business phone system providers are waiting. Our prescreened business phone system vendors will provide your management team with a clear understanding of all the important aspects of a new business phone system. Next, you will receive free quotations from knowledgeable business phone system companies operating in the US. Save precious time researching and contacting multiple business phone system vendors by filling out our simple form! You will be contacted soon by competent representatives ready to explain the details of business phone systems available and get you pricing. Making smart purchasing decisions has never been easier!








Business Telephone Features

  • •Intercom
  • •Intercom Groups
  • •Last Number Redial
  • •Line Appearance
  • •Line Appearance - Shared
  • •Music On Hold
  • •Message Waiting Indication
  • •Monitoring & Management
  • •Multiple Mailbox Greetings
  • •Name Announcement
  • •Outbound Caller ID number DID or Company
  • •Outbound Call Restrictions
  • •Night Service
  • •Power Backup
  • •Remote Location
  • •Remote/Duplicate Extensions
  • •Ring Tones
  • •Speed Dial & Contact Directory
  • •Secretary Functions
  • •Shared Message Boxes
  • •Statistics Reporting
  • •Time & Date Display
  • •Speaker Phone
  • •Speed Dialing
  • •Station-to-Station
  • •Transfer: Announce/Consult
  • •Transfer: Blind/Ringing
  • •Voice Mail
  • •Voice Mail System
  • •Voice Mail Backup
  • •Voice Mail Features
  • •VM Message Archiving
  • •VM Message Replay
  • •VM Forwarding
  • •VM Remote Access
  • •VM Time/Date Stamps
  • •Voice Mail Broadcasting List
  • •Voice Mailbox Group
  • •Voice Paging
  • •Automated Attendant
  • •Auto Dialing
  • •Automated Directory Services
  • •Automatic Call Distributor
  • •Automatic Ring Back
  • •Call Logging
  • •Abnormal Termination Report
  • •Busy Override
  • •Call Blocking
  • •Call Forwarding On Busy
  • •Call Forwarding On Absence
  • •Call On Hold
  • •Call Park
  • •Call Pick-Up
  • •Call Routing
  • •Call Timer
  • •Call Transfer
  • •Call Waiting
  • •Caller ID
  • •Camp-On
  • •Call Threshold Monitoring
  • •Centralized Management
  • •Class of Service Restrictions
  • •Conference Call
  • •Consult Hold
  • •Computer Telephone Integration
  • •Custom Greetings
  • •DHCP/DNS Phone Activation
  • •Direct Inward Dialing
  • •Direct Inward System Access
  • •Desktop Click-to-Dial
  • •Do Not Disturb
  • •Email/Voicemail Integration
  • •Follow-Me
  • •Hands Free Operation
  • •Headset Options
  • •Hot Desking (hotelling)
  • •Interactive Voice Response
  • •Hunt Group


Data Center - Hosting Facilities


Total Choice Communications provides premier data center solutions, including co-location, managed hosting and managed services, which extend and enhance your company's IT infrastructure. We deliver the technology, expertise and experience that companies require from our Tier III Data Centers. Look to Total Choice Communications to deliver more:

•More Flexibility with a full suite of co-location, managed services and elastic hosting options from multiple Tier III Data Centers
•More Agility to provide tailored designs and service delivery in dramatically less time than other providers
•More ROI with smart solutions designed to maximize data center space and optimize your IT investment

For More Information on the data center solutions, managed hosting options and managed services that Total Choice Communications can provide your business, contact one of our sales team members today.








Long Distance and Toll Free - 800 Services

We offer these services at competitive rates.















Business-Class DSL Over a Dedicated Line

For the business that needs always-on, high-speed internet service, Total Choice Communications' Business-Class DSL is one of the better choices. Dedicated Business-Class DSL is available in asynchronous DSL (ADSL), symmetric DSL (SDSL), or ISDN DSL (IDSL)—all within 30 days. Now businesses have more options to choose from, including speeds from 1.5 mbps to 15 mbps. TCC will manage the installation of your service and make sure you're up and running in no time. Perfect for businesses without a regular "phone company" land line, or those who prefer to keep their existing phone line and DSL connection separate.













ISDN-PRI and Digital Trunk local voice service from Total Choice Communications is a perfect choice for growing businesses that need a clear, reliable and cost-effective solution for high-quality voice, data and video communications. We provide local access for PBX phone systems (Primary Branch Exchanges) that may be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Service Details:

  • • Clear, reliable, high-speed communications
  • • 24 x 7 network management and monitoring
  • • Toll-free access to a single point of contact for customer support
  • • Simple, highly competitive pricing on both PRI and long-distance rates
  • • Nationwide coverage


Service Benefits:

  • • Ability to assign individual phone numbers to each individual and department
  • • Supports a wide variety of voice, video and data applications
  • • Supports real-time, dynamic allocation of bandwidth
  • • Provides simultaneous voice and data capabilities on a single facility
  • • Use your existing infrastructure to enable all digital, high-speed voice and data applications that increase productivity






Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX brings the power of a high end phone system to business owners without the hassle of having to buy or maintain a phone system. For many business owners having a hosted PBX solution does make sense. In other environments, business owners have used hybrid approaches to make the best of both worlds using hybrid solutions maintaining their existing phone system for the HQ and deploying Hosted PBX Clients for their most mobile employees or executives. The Hosted PBX products and services are very abundant. Total Choice Communications specializes in matching the best solutions based on your needs so you receive the true benefits that this great technology brings.












Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet (also called Ethernet over Fiber, Gigabit-Ethernet, or Metropolitan Optical Ethernet) is an internet connectivity solution that provides blistering speeds, low latency, and immense scalability. The Internet runs over a fiber connection directly to your office, thus allowing for a single connection. Ethernet also has built-in ability to quickly increase bandwidth without additional installation intervals. Metro Ethernet is the ideal internet connection solution to large businesses with high bandwidth needs.

Total Choice Communications provides Metro Ethernet services in metropolitan markets across the country. To learn more about the cost effectiveness of Metro Ethernet call a Total Choice Communications Representative today.











DS3 and MPLS Services

Total Choice Communications offers the best options for DS3 in the marketplace. DS3 offers point-to-point high-capacity digital private line transport service used to transfer large amounts of information between locations. DS3 has the flexibility to meet specific communication needs while economically optimizing the network.


Now you can harness the internet to connect from a remote work station or connect several offices using either a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or your own private internet cloud using MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching).

VPN uses the public internet cloud to connect, while MPLS uses your own private internet cloud. Either way, you’ll be able to harness the internet’s power without having to use more expensive, hard wired connections. Both solutions allow you to take advantage of increased inter-office connectivity at a fraction of the price.










Total Choice Communications leverages VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) because it offers savings and greater flexibility. Total Choice Communications has over 10 years experience in VOIP for business and can provide service to any system supporting SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Clients choose to partner with Total Choice Communications because of our experience integrating 1 to 150 user business telephone systems in any number of locations both within and outside the USA.













Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging literally means unifying the communications your workers use everyday – desktop phones, softphones (VoIP), mobile phones - with applications like email, instant messaging, video conferencing, web conferencing, VoIP, desktop sharing – anytime and anywhere around the world. Unified Messaging and collaboration solutions simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. At Total Choice Communications we help eliminate inefficiencies in communications to make organizations more productive and responsive.

Seamlessly Integrated: Reply to email with your voice. Turn an IM into a conference call. Answer your desk phone from the airport. No matter how, where, or when you communicate, you’ll have seamless access to the same familiar interfaces and corporate resources.

Productivity Focused: When communications tools work together, you get more done. You use the same interface to collaborate real-time across all your tools, including desktop video, social media, conferencing, and more.

Vendor-Neutral: Unified Messaging should unify systems, devices and applications from multiple vendors. At Total Choice Communications, we support open standards and robust interfaces with third-party products for lower costs and improved flexibility.

Reliable and Secure: At Total Choice Communications, we have been used for years by organizations small and large for reliable and secure unified messaging.