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Recognized for exceptional customer experience, Total Choice Communications, Inc. specializes in providing our clients with top-of-the-line network, cloud, and cyber security solutions while providing first-class support at no additional cost to our clients. We are a one-stop-shop for all your telecommunications, cloud, and cyber security needs. Our promise is to always take the time to get to know our clients as we are highly invested in their success.

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Stop wasting time gathering quotes, researching providers, and waiting on hold with customer support. As an independent agent, we’re able to provide competitive rates and ensure you’re getting the most out of your contracts without overpaying or missing out on features. We know how vital these services are to your business, that’s why we offer 24/7 support. 

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Total Choice Communications helps clients across the United States. Whether you have five locations in one county, or 500 across several states, we can design and implement solutions that help your business succeed. When you have more than one location, our network of professionally certified experts ensures seamless communications with providers for physical installations, implementations, training, and support needs. 

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Since 2003, we’ve worked with businesses and organizations including car dealerships, attorneys, healthcare providers, banking and finance institutions, restaurant franchises and more. This variety has afforded us deep knowledge and expertise that we can implement when developing solutions for you. With over 100 years of collective experience, the TCC team is your single-source solution for all of your telecommunications, cloud, and cyber security needs.

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Recommendation of Total Choice Communications and Jeremy Duffy​

Ed Taliaferro | Franchisee/Owner Rose City Pizza, LLC | Papa John’s Pizza Franchise  | October 26, 2023

I offer my highest recommendation of Total Choice Communications and Jeremy Duffy, the owner of the company. Here are the reasons why:

I am the owner of Rose City Pizza, which is a franchisee of Papa John’s Pizza, with 16 locations in Washington and Oregon State. I have been doing business with Total Choice for close to ten years. Prior to working with Total Choice, we experienced ongoing problems of connectivity and limited service. With repeated requests to the company to get the problems fixed, we seemed to be caught in the trap of not getting to the right people, slow responses, and an attitude that they were doing us a favor in allowing us to have their service.

“For us, Total Choice is the Gold Standard!”

In the delivery pizza restaurant segment, with no dine-in, the vast majority of our business comes to us as phone or on-line orders. Only a small part of our orders are placed at the counter in the restaurant. Therefore, connectivity issues are not only frustrating and time-consuming – but they are a critical part of our business and revenue. Such issues erode the confidence that our consumers and our Team Members have in our company and vendors.

In my initial conversations with Jeremy, he told me that when we had issues and problems that he and his Team would address issues quickly – and due to his relationships with the carriers, that he would get personally involved, if need be, to get the problem fixed. In the past ten years, Jeremy and his Team have lived up to and exceeded that standard. They know that our phones and internet are critical to our business.

They have led us through and handled all aspects of converting our service, and supporting and fixing issues when those arise. We have opened several new locations with that same level of support. During renewal agreements, they have worked hard to save us money in securing favorable rates.

One of my long-term Director of Operations made the following statement after dealing with a problem involving a different vendor; “Ed, if only all of our vendors would treat us like Total Choice does, we would have a lot less headaches”. I could not agree more! For us, Total Choice is the Gold Standard!

Jeremy has built his team with the focus and mindset that they work for us – and appreciate our business – and will work wirelessly to do whatever is necessary to fix the issues when they do happen.

We consider Total Choice, Jeremy Duffy and his Team valued partners with our company, and I would offer my highest recommendation to others.


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